Marguerite’s Place celebrates International Women’s Day!

Women and girls represent half of the world’s population, and therefore half of its potential.


On March 8th, we recognize International Women’s Day, a day dedicated to celebrating the achievements of women in society and advancing gender equality across the world. Research by the UN and other key governing bodies conclusively shows that gender equality is critical to sustaining successful economies, healthy families, and peaceful societies.


While the focus of today is international, its mission is equally important for us to consider in our local community: How is New Hampshire doing in advancing gender equality?


The answer is mixed. In some ways, the Granite State provides equal opportunity for women to thrive. In other ways, the state still has improvements to make to achieve equality for all.


Shannon and daughter Analiah head home from Marguerite’s Place together after a full day of work and school.


For example, the New Hampshire Women’s Foundation recognizes that while the state has a high percentage of women active in the workforce relative to the rest of the country, women still only earn 75 cents for every dollar that men make here in Hillsborough County. This number dips even lower for women with children, a phenomenon known as the motherhood wage penalty.


Similarly, with 40% of New Hampshire businesses owned solely or jointly by women, New Hampshire is a great place to be a female entrepreneur. And yet, in companies with over 250 employees, only 26% have women in top executive or management positions.


Our commitment to advancing gender equality

For 28 years, Marguerite’s Place has focused on empowering women with the stability, education, and confidence to thrive and become leaders in our community. Our commitment to gender equality is inherent in our mission: in supporting mothers to succeed, we lay the foundation for their children to succeed too, which ensures a more equitable future for all. Supporting Marguerite’s Place is one way that you can support gender equality locally that has both an immediate impact today and an enduring impact for tomorrow.

Thank you for your commitment to our families, and to making our community a more just, equal place for all. Happy International Women’s Day.

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