Marguerite’s Place celebrates Week of the Young Child 2022!

This week, April 2 – April 8, is Week of the Young Child ! Week of the Young Child is a nationally recognized celebration of young children, their childhood experiences, and the benefits they receive by having quality, dedicated, and educated caregivers. The best opportunity for children comes from positive experiences and supports they receive from their teachers, their families, and their community.


What does Week of the Young Child mean to Marguerite’s Place?


In our child care program, we’re spending this week as we do most: reinforcing self-help and coping skills, fostering creativity, and supporting children as they build friendships and find ways to express feelings. We also use this week to remind ourselves why we do what we do, and to reflect on our dedication to the children and families in our care. It is solidly evident that in fulfilling the mission of Marguerite’s Place, we promote a healthy, engaging, and safe space for children and their families, which has long-term impact on their lives.


During Week of the Young Child, it is our goal to enhance this focus through dedicated programming in our classrooms that promote why each person matters. During this week, we also invite families in, creating intentional space and inclusive opportunities for families to see their children at play, share these moments, and experience the magic through their children’s eyes. Simple activities like reading a book, building a tower, creating art, or singing and dancing is an opportunity for learning and encouragement for our children, and this week our families get to experience this alongside their children.


Everyone at Marguerite’s Place is part of our community of support for children – parents, teachers, caregivers, staff, and volunteers. Positive childhood experiences are a reflection of the caregiving, encouragement, and love they receive from all of us. Our commitment to our families is that they are part of our community, and our goal this Week of the Young Child is that they see the immense value and impact our early educators have in cultivating strengths of the future leaders of our community: their children.


Week of the Young Child is also about the greater community – our schools, our towns, our state, and all across the world. Children need experiences to help them learn, grow, and figure out how to accomplish their dreams. As Director of Community Programs Candace Gordon explains, “To me, Week of the Young Child spotlights our children and their futures, and acknowledges all those across our community who help make it possible. All of us, and all of you.”


Our children will become the next generation of early educators, mothers and fathers, artists, musicians, doctors, electricians, engineers, and the caregivers of tomorrow. Our investment in them now is what can make these opportunities possible for them. Thank you for being part of our community and investing in the children of Marguerite’s Place!

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